activity logger to chase goals

make contributions to your short term goals daily :)

Set Goals create, update your short term goals

Short term goals are prerequisite to logging activities. And they fall under some category. Application has a default set of categories which could be overridden by creating new set in settings. Description should be comprehensive and complete though it can be updated. Date of completion may be tentative and hence can be updated. Specification of planned hours to be spent per day makes goals measurable. Goals can be updated with notes or remarks. Further goals can be marked as achieved. And may be removed.

Log Activity log what you have done today

Daily activities should be logged with the application. Each activity holds mapping with a goal, and this ensures that all our activities are a part of our goals. Activity should have a short description and number of weights. 1 weight is equal to 4 hrs, hence 2 weights are 8 hrs and 3 are 12 hrs respectively. This depicts which work takes how much time. Activity can be marked as milestone. They are listed in desc order of their creation making latest at the top. Users who create these activities are also logged. Activities can not be updated but can be removed.

Experience Reports monthly status and progress in goals

Monthly status is simple listing of activities grouped together by goals for a given month. Application would pick current month if not specified. Whereas Progress In Goals shows number of hours spent for a goal with respect to hours may be required for its completion. It also counts total number of activities logged and how many of them were milestones. This actually helps in time management of a goal considering its priority. As goal completion date can be adjusted this remains flexible too. Making it a great tool to manage your goals.

Download and Try get an instance at your laptop

Installing make-goals-daily app is super easy with docker!
Get docker running on your machine. Here are the links for Mac and Windows.

RUN $ docker search makegoalsdaily you should see image
RUN $ docker pull suanand/makegoalsdaily
RUN $ docker run -d --name appcontainer -p 8000:8080 suanand/makegoalsdaily
And, point your browser to localhost:8000 here, comes your login screen!

Login with admin and makegoalsdaily as password. Please change password immediately.
Feel free to create issues. Enjoy!

Contribute and Develop collaboration works better

make-goals-daily is an open source project, hosted at GitHub.
If you have really liked the idea and got some interesting thoughts around, lets build this together.

First, create an issue to discuss the idea.
Second, submit patch and keep the discussion open.
Third, as soon as patch attains stability, it becomes the part.
Fourth, did you get any suggestion / comment meanwhile? Do share!

Thanks, see you :)